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We are a Faction of filmmakers who have come together to grow in the art of film. What we create is a timeline to our passion for film and the industry. Though we started off small, we are constantly growing. Everyday our Faction is expanding as we hope for more and more people to join us in our passion. Making movies is fun, it is what we do and we hope to inspire others to enjoy it with us, whether it be by watching or creating. Film Faction was created and founded by Zack Abraham and co-founded by Joshua Melancon. Together, with our ever expanding crew, we create films, shorts, commercials and film any live events. Creating art through the moving images is our first love; this is what we strive to be great at. Join us.




film by design

We strive to create the best product we can through the moving image arts. Whether it be video, photography, or design, Film Faction's goal is to create something that we can be proud of.

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joshua melancon